Space Odyssey (Michael Benson)

There’s more drama behind the scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey than ever appeared on the screen. Benson’s book thoroughly (if a bit dutifully) surfaces the forgotten history of one of cinema’s greatest films and directors.

There’s drug addiction, illegal tree harvesting, astronauts who actually do smother in malfunctioning space suits, and — wait, what? Arthur C. Clarke was gay?

I had no idea. I wish I had. Knowing that one of my sci-fi author idols was gay could have given a certain closeted twelve year-old nerd some much-needed reassurance.

A good read for hardcore fans of the movie — but also for corporate creatives, who need to be reminded that the making of great art is anything but smooth and effortless, even when the guy in charge has an obsessive amount of control, virtually unlimited budgets, and few inflexible deadlines.

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